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Restoration Outreach Ministries
1905 W. Loop 281, Suite 34 | Longview, TX 75604
Elder Nakia M. Smith, Sr. Pastor
Wounded Healers Conference

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About Wounded Healers Conference
Wounded Healers Conference is the product of the Wounded Healers Restoration Outreach Ministries a vision God gave Evangelist Tyronda Jones a glimpse of while walking on South Padre Island October 2005, but it did not manifest until November 2007. With the blessings and support of her husband, Elder Dennis E. Jones along with a planning committee and a few willing workers from various churches the vision became a reality. This conference was originally a call to wounded women but it was clear that men are wounded too; therefore, the annual call is for those that will hear.

Wounded Healers is not only a conference it is an outreach ministry that occasionally serve within the community where and when needed. This ministry operated independently and solo for about 12 years until the year of 2019 the ministry gained the support of the Restoration Outreach Ministries under the covering of Elder Nakia Smith.

Wounded Healers Conference is an annual experience held in different cities strategically planned and ordained by God the 2nd weekend in November. It is designed to address, from a biblical perspective, life matters that hinder the people from experiencing the abundant life that God intended. With that in mind and much prayer/fasting prominent speakers ranging from a variety of backgrounds are called upon whom are well respected and endowed by the Holy Spirit with exceptional wisdom to empower women and men alike through God's word to be more than conquerors.

The vision of this conference is to encourage, empower, and equip women and men alike from all backgrounds and ages to find hope in God as they are confronted with many obstacles and challenges to rise and roar above their circumstances.

The goal for this annual experience is for those that attend to be inspired to overcome past hurts, setbacks, disappointments that have been ongoing challenges for them and be healed and develop as well as maintain a winning attitude. 

This annual conference has been a life-changing experience for many women and men whom have testified their lives have been impacted and changed for the better. 

"Our Visionary" Evangelist Tyronda Jones
Evangelist Tyronda Jones, was born to the late Tommy Gene Cooksey and Dorothy Jean Bridges-Slay August 30, 1969.

Tyronda Jones is married to Elder Dennis E. Jones who is a minister at Restoration Outreach Ministries in Longview, TX. 

She has been employed with Wellness Pointe since April 2011 were she serves as a Program Manager in the Youth and Family Services Department.

Tyronda Jones is often called upon to speak a life changing word to God’s people, her passion is to see people saved, healed, and delivered which she testifies of the goodness of Jesus and all he’s done for her. 

Tyronda Jones embraces her ministry Wounded Healers which was birth out of pain and passion for women; therefore, she surrendered all to minister to women everywhere to encourage and empower them to, “Break Free and make liberty in Christ a Reality in their lives.” 

Maturing with pain was not a delightful event for her life, but she made a decision based out of pain that was not the life she wanted so she made a stand in life and with her family. Through life changing experiences she developed wisdom, faith, and willingness to continue on no matter what challenges befall her. With this new found information she addresses the world with words & examples; leave the comfortable nest of past life and have courage to face the world and its fire breathing dragons with this phrase; "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper.”

Amongst her many accomplishments, Tyronda is a proud supportive mother and grandmother.

"Our Visionary" Elder Dennis E. Jones
Elder Dennis E Jones, was born to the late Grady Jones Sr. and Thelma Hamilton Jones January 7, 1962.

He's married to Tyronda Cooksey Jones and he is part of the ministerial staff at Restoration Outreach Ministries in Longview, TX. Elder Jones is a very dynamic Man of God that relies on every past experience of his life to equip and shape his ministry. His passion for the study of God's word is seen and heard as he relays the message of the Gospel.

Elder Jones has been employed with Crosby Lebus for over 15 years and amongst him being a hard worker and pastor he supports his wife in her ministry to women in every aspect...mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, as well as financially. Amongst his many attributes Elder Jones is an amazing father and grandfather.