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Restoration Outreach Ministries
1905 W. Loop 281, Suite 34 | Longview, TX 75604
Elder Nakia M. Smith, Sr. Pastor
Wounded Healers Conference

"A Peek Into the Conferences of the Past"
Our Visionary ministering only like she can!
The powerful "WOG" that had the vision...Exhorter Tyronda Jones.
"Thank you Lord...enough said!"
Mistress of Ceremonies Evangelist Coleman of WH 2012
Bishop Stanley Lawson of Unity Tabernacle preparing to preach the opening session of WH 2016 Conference...theme "This Means War!"
A picture is worth a thousand words. As the scripture says, "If you want joy...leap for it!" As shown here by Pastor Earl K. Bonner.
Yeah Satan...I'm calling you out!
An altar encounter!!!
We thank God for our visionaries Pastor Dennis & Exhorter Tyronda Jones!!!
Satan you hear me talking to you!!! Get out of here!!!
The look on her face speaks words that can't be written!!!!
All God wants is a "Yes!"
Something just fell in the room!!!
Elder Diana Casteel during "Morning Glory"
Elder Antwain Braggs
I feel a breakthrough coming your way!!!!
Run Exhorter Run!!!
This is a powder keg duo waiting to explode...Prophetess Linda Roark and Prophetess Rhonda Coleman
Elder Antwain Braggs as he labors at the altar.
Wounded Healers Staff & Helpers
Conference 2017 "Pain With A Purpose"
Bishop & First Lady E.R. Starling
Can't you hear Prophetess Roark..."Devil I see you and you are about to be exposed!!!"
Nolekia got her breakthrough for real...Thank you Lord for DELIVERANCE!!!!
Gone but never forgotten...our sister Sandra Moss-Sibley. Rest easy servant!!!
You just had to be there...Mighty demonstration of what mime dancing is!!!
Pastor Nakia Smith teaching during our last planning meeting before the 2016 Conference.
I'm free and I know it!!!!
Surrendering at the altar!!!
When praises go up...the power comes down!
Something is going on in here!!!!
This is a bad boy on those keys!!!!
The presence of the Lord put a smile of Pastor Timberlake's face!
Carisma ushering the presence of the Holy Ghost as she ministers in song
Sometimes all you can do is smile!!!
Pastor Dennis Earl Jones with a face of approval...and in his words, "That's alright there!"
Sis. Sandra always smiling as she sits through teaching before the 2016 Conference.
Tonia in the presence of the king during an AWESOME praise dance!!!!
My, My, is powerful when you feel what you can't see!
Elder Diana Casteel and Sister Tonia enjoying Friday Night services as Prophetess Linda Roark ministers
"Dancing for Jesus!"
The one and only Pastor Dennis E. Jones...
This vessel here!!!! My God!!!!
The one and only Carolyn Traylor
The anointing that flowed from Prophetess Roark could be felt all over the place!!!
"Wounded Healers Helpers" Shametra & Jocelyn on their post taking time for a photo.
A unified praise in progress...Exhorter Tyronda Jones &  Elder Nakia Smith
Yes Lord, I surrender all!!!
Sis. Michelle Starling marvels at the move of God!
The power of praise was on display as Reliegh danced.
This WOG gets a WOW!!!! Jesus thank you for Prophetess Linda Roark.
Sister Michelle Starling dancing with an attitude!!!
Rev. Patricia Fuller...knowing that prayer changes things!!!
I give myself away so you can use me!!!
"The Mighty Angels" of New Haven CME Church of Carthage
Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!
An awesome displayed of praise!
Did y'all hear what I said?
In the voice of Miss Ann Scott, "WE GONE!"
No caption needed for this one...just had to be there!
Elder Braggs ministering in the 2016 Conference.
We thank God for new found friends of the conference!
To feel what you need to be in the house!
Really no caption needed!
Sis. Sandra & Sis. Tonia in position...having Exhorter Jones back at all times!
If you only knew the blessings that were released in WH Conference 2017 you would be smiling too!
Brotherly Love exhibited by Pastor Dennis E. Jones and Pastor Nakia Smith